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Just a heads up, the next three chapters of the story won't be decided by a poll, I went ahead and left it up to some of my friends. So, the next three in order shall be: Electric, Flying, then Fire. Why not comment on what order I should do the rest? :p

The ones left to schedule are poison, ground, dark, steel, and fairy.


Expansion/Big Booby Connoisseur
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Las Cruces
Favourite genre of music: metal, jazz, j-pop and anything else that has a good beat


Misty Misty and Misty
Commission awesomely drawn by :iconn647:

A nice artsy giantess drawing of the three versions of Misty from the Pokemon video games, anime and manga. Gotta love that angle and scale!
Panty and Stocking Giantess Blowout
Commission awesomely drawn by :iconzahkey:

This is about all I can show here on DA, but check out my "Geno13" account on Furaffinity, Inkbunny or Weasyl or my "GenoGamma113" Tumblr account for the full thing.

After one sexy little mishap, Brief discovers that if an angel or demon partakes too much of his divine instrument, it causes some very big results :3 If you're wondering where Chunk and Fastener are... they're under each of Stocking's cheeks.
Ainsley as Cloud of Darkness
"You shall be consumed... "

Commission awesomely drawn by :iconmugenillustrations:

Part of his Final Fantasy discount commissions of my vampire OC Ainsley… cosplaying as Cloud of Darkness from Final Fantasy III
Ogre Proportions: Giant Draco
Commission awesomely drawn by :iconoxdarock:

Basically Suu the slime girl from Monster Musume no Iro Nichijou fed Draco the dragonewt tomboy a huge dose of ogre potion from Oxdarock's two previous works.

I just cannot resist the potential for a giantess dragon woman, or bloating up a tomboy to curvy proportions, like Draco here. :drool:
Sexy Ainsley Read

(Commission awesomely drawn by :icondragonmanx:)

[I decided to update her design a bit... as well as a little surprise extra, if you visit my Furaffinity gallery. Also reposing my profile on her]

Species: Vampire 

Abilities: General vampire powers, such as animal/mist transformation, feeding on blood, hypnotism over the weak minded, etc. But also includes weakness to the sun, silver, holy items, garlic, or an obsessive compulsive need to count fallen seeds.

Special Power: Flesh Molding – able to alter her body into nearly any form, usually in the form of dark tentacles, bladed claw fingers, bat wings… or a certain other appendage she wasn’t born with. Also able to increase her size in general or individual parts. She can also alter the body of any other person, but only with willing consent... Unless she can manage to inject a bit of her blood into a victim; but then, she is only able to change them in a non-fatal way.

Extra notes:

*Ever since she left her home, she speaks in a cockney accent as opposed to her old proper nobleman’s tongue.

*Prefers wearing men’s clothing out of sheer habit, but obviously needs to tailor them to her unique shape. Even her body language is more naturally crude and masculine in nature, such as sitting with a lean and spread legs… Though no amount of man-steps can keep her from swaying her ironically childbearing hips.

*Has no interest in men, not even as far as blood. She usually has a habit of trying to court any beautiful lady in sight with varying levels of success.

*Her old surname is unknown and forgotten. She took on the last name of one of her idols from her studies, Mary Read.

Once a normal human born to a power hungry English noble that wanted nothing more out of his offspring than a son to carry on his lineage. Ever since birth –and without a mother to object due to her death at childbirth- his father passed her off a boy; binding her chest, teaching her to speak act and even think like a proper gentleman to the point of making ‘him’ think he was a freak of nature with female anatomy. This all changed after his eighteenth birthday when after following the voices of a mysterious woman into the woods during a late night outing, he woke up the next day with deathly pale skin, elongated canines and a taste for blood… as well as her bindings becoming more and more impossible to use from her chest and hips continuously growing larger through the days. It was all she could do to hide her growing deformities from her father, let alone avoiding the burning sunlight.

This eventually led to an incident where a handmaiden had accidentally cut herself trying to serve dinner to her in bed, causing the newborn vampire to instead take her meal in the form of her maid’s blood, right when her father walked in brandishing a shotgun due to the screams. Years of repressed rage and resentment accompanied by her blood-drunk state caused her to lash out at her father, receiving a hole in her chest from his shots that were quickly healed by her vampiric powers by feasting on his own foul sour blood.

With a heavy unbeating heart, she was soon run out of her home and into the night by the rest of the estate and nearby town forming a traditional angry mob. She would later discover that the vampire that turned her took pity on her horrible life, wishing to liberate her the only way the passing vampire knew how to.

Now a couple of human ages later, she has established her own estate in Scotland where she takes in orphaned or abused girls from across the countryside. Turning some that wish to be daughters of the night, but mostly using her estate as a halfway home to wayward women… and sometimes boys and men that promise to behave, or just wish to be girls themselves.


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