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Hey there watchers, just wanted to let you know that my RP forum… has a new section for RPs that are basically like private RPs via instant messages or private messages, but instead are semi-private threads for two or more individuals without the need for opening a signup thread.

The details can be found below in the new section, but keep in mind that you have to join the forum and pass a small initiation test in order to post in it. But you shuld still be able to lurk and view it without a username.…


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Hey there watchers, just wanted to let you know that my RP forum… has a new section for RPs that are basically like private RPs via instant messages or private messages, but instead are semi-private threads for two or more individuals without the need for opening a signup thread.

The details can be found below in the new section, but keep in mind that you have to join the forum and pass a small initiation test in order to post in it. But you shuld still be able to lurk and view it without a username.…

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Chapter 11 – Elesa the Thunder Titan

[Sorry, the contents of this fic was considered too hot for Deviantart, to view the full document, please visit either “Geno13”’s userpage on Furaffinity or my blog at entropyart(dot)blogspot(dot)com; for reasons of not wanting to violate another rule of this site, I can’t publicly give a link to either and must remind you that you must be over the age of 18 to view either. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I really really hope you guys like what I was able to post. at least.]

THE FOLLOWING FANFICTION DEPICTS FICTIONAL CHARACTERS THAT EITHER HAVE NO OFFICIAL AGE AND/OR ARE DEPICTED IN A TIME PERIOD IN WHICH THEY ARE NOT UNDER THE AGE OF 18. The following story contains scenes of giantess growth, breast expansion, hourglass expansion, and raiju related tf. If this is not of your fancy, then please disregard this fanfiction. For the rest of you guys still around, enjoy the show!

When night fell on the heart of Unova, Nimbasa City became a sea of bright lights and neon. A beacon of a metropolis serving as the heart of leisure and entertainment of the region. It was on this night that the local Gym Leader Elesa had the night off from both gym duties and her side job as a fashion model. A job that she had a lot more work to do lately, now that her competition in Sinnoh, Candice had mysteriously vanished a few weeks ago. Though at the moment, she was running late after a quick errand in her gym.

“Ugh… this is so embarrassing!” Elesa said, jogging to the city plaza all the way from her gym and past the Ferris wheel “Good thing I didn’t wear heels tonight.” Halfway through her jog, Elesa would start to notice she had a bit more energy than usual, not feeling tired at all no matter how much she ran or how far. The strange feeling seemed to distract her as she looked up, noticing clouds starting to slowly accumulate in the sky. She really hoped it wasn’t going to rain, these thoughts distracted her just in time to slam right into something large and soft that bounced her backwards onto her well-toned rump.

“Oh jeez Elesa, you almost knocked me over too, silly.” A redheaded woman in blue with a propeller-like bow giggled as she took the downed Gym Leader’s hand and helped her up. Apparently Elesa was so distracted that she collided chest-to-chest with the very person she was in a hurry to meet.

“Sorry, sorry, my fault.” The pop idol responded, brushing down her thick yellow coat she wore over her comparatively scantily-clad skirt and top. “Sorry I’m late, I had some maintenance problem at the Gym- oh shoot, I hope I didn’t break it”

“Eh? What’s up?” Skyla tilted her head cutely as her best friend rummaged through a pocket in her fluffy coat.

“Something the maintenance crew found lodged in one of the spotlights under a hole in the roof this morning. Oh, here it is! Thank goodness, not a scratch on it.” From her coat pocket, Elesa produced a small softball-sized glass orb; inside was a glowing yellow ball seemingly levitating in the center with jolts of electricity striking out at the inner walls of the orb.

“Oooh, what is this?” Skyla curiously poked at the ball with her gloved hand. Even with that protection, it still sent a static shock through her hand that made some of her red strands of hair lift up.

Elesa giggled in response. For some reason, even with her bare hands, she did not feel much of the same jolts; only a rather soothing tingle. “Whoops, it must have gotten a bit too much static or something.” She smiled, leaning over to help fix Skyla’s hair “At first, I thought it was a Light Ball… I mean it is round and not heavy at all.” Her smile turned into a cheeky little smirk.

“Eheh…again with the puns.” Skyla responded, sarcastically, but still in a friendly way “But seriously, what is it?”

“I… don’t know.” She admitted “It’s like a plasma globe – remember those funky electric boogaloo things? Er, anyway, it doesn’t seem that dangerous, so I decided to keep it. It might be some kind of massage therapy device, I’ve been using it on my legs a bit during runway practice and I feel like I have a lot more stamina than usual.”

“Hmm, well as long as it isn’t radiated or something. Have you been glowing in the dark more than usual?” Skyla gave a playful light jab of her elbow to Elesa’s side.

Her response was another cheeky grin, before activating a button on her headphones that deployed a red visor between both headphones, then another press that made it light up like a flashlight.

“Are you a model or a comedian?” Skyla giggled, getting behind Elesa and wrapping her arms around her waist playfully. The sensation caused the ball in the idol’s grasp to tingle more, sending a pleasureful chill down her spine and a strange feeling between her legs.

“I’m a Gym Leader before all else, at least.” She cooed, wrapping an arm around the back of Skyla’s waist while putting the strange orb away in her pockets and withdrawing her visor. “Anyway, let’s not waste the rest of the night chit-chatting, we have a carnival to get to.”

“Yeah!” Skyla giggled, running with Elesa towards the festivities.

The next few hours were spent exploring the brightly lit attractions of the night’s carnival, from a ride on the roller coaster, to eating sugary and or fried treats, to winning trinkets and stuffed animals at the many games. The fact that the two of them were celebrities of the region meant many onlookers and photo opportunities, all while Elesa’s orb continued to send soothing waved into the unsuspecting electric trainer’s body. The only sign of anything different was a strange stirring sensation in her unmentionables down below in her crotch.

“So… what is… w-what am I looking at?” Elesa tilted her head, looking at the weird two foot tall stuffed animal Skyla won at a cork gun shooting booth. It was a bizarre chimera of the three legendary birds of Kanto stitched together with six talons, three heads and only two wings. “Or I guess what I’m asking is: Who’s that Pokémon?”

“It’s… Zapmolcuno! He was a bad guy in the old Elite Adventures manga after Team Rocket fused them together, before the Elite Four split them back apart.”

“Sounds… contrived. Interesting, but contrived.” She said, playfully patting the middle head and trying her best to suppress the mother of all laughing fits at the ridiculous thing. “So… it’s getting late, do you have to head home soon?”

“Yeah, but you know me. I can get a lift whenever.” Skyla replied, referring to one of her many flying Pokémon.

“True, but how about you and me go on just one more ride? A ride in the Ferris wheel, just you, me and Zappy-Hottie-Icy?” she put a curious amount of emphasis on the middle word of her little nickname. The more she hung out with the busty flying gym leader, the friskier she got. Sneaking in a little naughty pat here and holding her hand there and the best part was that her very close friend noticed and didn’t seem to mind at all.

“Oh my, well I hope he won’t be… too much of a third wheel.” Skyla felt herself blush a bit as they moved towards the massive neon wheel in the distance… taking the other girl’s hand as she did.

Up in the Ferris wheel, the strange sensation in Elesa’s body only got worse. To top off the small list of minor inconveniences, she could hear the sounds of rumbling in the sky halfway up the wheel in their stabilized cart.

Elesa sat in the cushioned seat across from Skyla… with the Zapmolcuno doll in the corner; which she tried to ignore in order to preserve the mood.

Skyla herself drummed her gloved fingers on her knees nervously. “So… we’re pretty high up.”

“Mmhm...” Elesa stood up, swaying her hips to one side as she let her jacket fall to the floor of the cart.

“And… um… n-nobody else got on but us, since it’s so close to midnight.” Skyla scooted a bit to one side of her seat.

“Mmhm…” Elesa sauntered over to the other side of the spacious cart. Unlike a cheaply made portable Ferris wheel, each cart of Nimbasa’s famous wheel was designed to stabilize and prevent wobbling, no matter what happened in them.

“And… you pulled some strings to let us on and stop the wheel at the top for a while, didn’t you?”

The supermodel trainer practically pounced on the curvy redhead. Their hands intertwining as she had Skyla pinned under her thinner body. “It’s been so long… since we could get together.” She panted, feeling a rising heat in her crotch as she spied two distinct dimples in the two azure globes directly under her, which she proceeded to trace one of her fingers around.

Skyla cooed in response. Her special someone knew just how to handle her bountiful bubbly chest. She was already feeling her loins moistening in anticipation. “Oooh~ but out in public like this? Where… where we had our first…?”

“You know I love the extravagant.” Elesa whispered, drawing closer to her; close enough to feel her breath on her lips. “And you Skyla… are one very… extravagant woman.”

The small stone in Elesa’s discarded jacket began to stir, crackling with electricity as it rolled right out of the pocket it was kept in, while the clouds above continued to rumble. Skyla thought in the back of her head if they would be safe, but she didn’t really care. This had to be the most arousing moment of her life… if only she knew.

Just then, Elesa lowered her lips, planting them against Skyla and kissing her passionately, just as a massive bolt of lightning hurtled down onto the Ferris wheel, making people scatter like ants below in fear of being struck. Inside the cart, the two lovebirds seemed to be alright, even as the electricity flowed through the compartment and through Elesa herself.

She felt no pain, no numbness as she alone seemed to be the sole target of the force of nature. Bolts from all over the metal structure launching right into her body and not anywhere in Skyla at all. All she could feel was a slight tingling buzzing sensation from Elesa’s lips and tongue that made her mouth go a tad bit numb for a few moments, but also made the feeling of their make out session all the more exhilarating; it also helped that both girls had their eyes closed the whole time. Elesa herself assuming the lightning rod-like technology build into the machine for such an occasion had absorbed the fatal part of the bolt. While this went on, the electrical ball on the floor began to rise up, glowing with electrical power before seemingly melting into a solid light and jolting right into Elesa’s back, vanishing from sight and making her heart jump just a bit; almost as if her body was adapting to the current, immune to its fatal nature.

“Wow~ that… that was unexpected!” Elesa commented as she rolled off of Skyla to see just what happened.

“Y-yeah~ that was- wait… gah! Your phones are smoking!” Skyla pointed to Elesa’s custom headphones.

“What? Oh darn it! That’s going to cost a pretty penny.” She sighed, taking them off and tossing them aside “Whatever… lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice. But I sure do~!” the pop idol caressed the odd white buckle on her outfit that connected her top, only to stop. She clutched her body as an arc of electricity jumped from about her waist and traveled all the way down to her crotch. “Aaaahn… wh-what was that?!”

Skyla sat up, holding Elesa as she began to seemingly convulse. “Elesa, what’s wrong?!”

“I… I feel… ah… h-horny as hell, but… augh…” Skyla began to notice that Elesa was getting… heavy in her arms. Though her eyes really began to bulge as she noticed something rising in the chest area of the idol’s outfit. The normally modest cupped chest began to swell outward, growing a line of cleavage in the deep V-shaped gap that only grew deeper and deeper as she rose in cup sizes, already meeting Skyla’s own size by the time her eyes drifted down to behold something very bizarre.

The blue and yellow shorts Elesa wore began to bulge; not just from widening hips, or billowing cheeks, or thickening thighs; but from something that started out as just a tiny fleshy bean above the girl’s moist folds.[TOO HOT FOR DA] until it slipped out of the waistline of her panties and soon the waistline of her pants as well. Morbidly curious, Skyla proceeded to unfasten the white buckle on Elesa’s midriff, causing the now seven foot girl with head-sized melons to moan in relief as [TOO HOT FOR DA] sprang out and began ripping her pants apart trying to get free while her tits were free to make her top rise further up her torso.

“Gaaah~! Omigosh! You… y-you have a… a… did you have this before!?” Skyla said, practically in hysterics as the sight of the fleshy member on her beloved.

“N-no! I’m not… well- well I wasn’t but I guess I am now… yow this thing is huge!” Elesa moaned, sitting down in the compartment floor with her legs spread, giving it a few strokes.

Skyla seemed to calm down after the initial shock. In fact, the more she looked at her friend’s now naked crotch with her [TOO HOT FOR DA]. “You’re huge- I mean all of you now!” she commented, now noticing she had to crane her head up to keep eye contact, even in her sitting position.

"Unngh, y-yeah." She shifted her legs around and tried to look away. "I-I think this is only the beginning but..." The gym leader briefly turned her head towards Elesa and smirked a bit." I think I can hold it back if, if you wanna." Her cheeks burned with desire as she shifted back and forth some inches "You know, take my new body for a test run. I-if you're not too freaked out." Surprisingly, she appeared to have shrunk some in posture as she hoped her lover would give her the satisfaction she craved!

“S-sure! I… wow… th-this is getting really intense!” Skyla panted in anticipation, quickly trying to remove her pants and panties, [TOO HOT FOR DA]. “Um… g-guess I’m on top… hoo boy, I h-hope this doesn’t h-hurt!”

As her friend began stretching to nine feet tall, [TOO HOT FOR DA] with her body spread out across the compartment floor. “R-ready?”

“More than ever~!” she was practically drooling as she [TOO HOT FOR DA]. Elesa let out a rather feral growl in response, her teeth growing sharper as her eyes began to take on a pure blue appearance with a light glow. “It’s… st-starting!”

Skyla did her best to [TOO HOT FOR DA]. All while reaching down to knead at Elesa’s rapidly swelling tits, already surpassing the size of her head and bursting through what little fabric she had left, revealing milky mounds of puffy seashell-pink nipples Skyla practically attacked with her teeth and fingers, pinching away and taking note of the small shock she got from not only them, but also accompanying [TOO HOT FOR DA].

Soon after, Elesa let out a mighty almost metallic-sounding roar as she blew a huge burst of cum right into the human girl’s womanhood, spurt after spurt that started to make her tummy bulge and her folds overflow with the electrified cum that made her feel like she just masturbated with a tesla coil… Even Skyla's hair looked a bit curlier, with the bob in her propeller bow getting a bit frizzy and unkempt.

“Yow~! I felt like I was gonna explode like an Electrode!” Skyla whimpered in the delight of the afterglow, [TOO HOT FOR DA] Elesa’s now toned thighs that began to grow black lightning bolt-shaped stripes along the outer sides of said thighs. A few stripes even began to form on her forearms while patches of yellow fur began to grow on her arms and legs.

“I-I think I just did.” Elesa’s voice now carried a sort of inhuman and somewhat metallic tone to it, almost like a bit of a machine. As she pawed her way around the more and more cramped compartment, the twelve foot tall idol’s headphones began to stir as she touched them, soon disappearing into a flash of blue lightning that arced all the way op her bulging arm and up to her shoulder.

The device seemed to reform over her ears, like a pair of thick black pointy metallic almond-shaped horns that gave her a sort of feline-like face. Meanwhile her shoulders bulged until two off gold metallic protrusions grew outward past the height of her head; flat slabs of gold Popsicle stick-shaped metal with holes at the tip like the prongs of an electrical plug. At the base of said prongs, black bushy fur began to sprout around the area of her collar before her shoulders while her black hair began to lose her super-long sideburns and turn a bright blond.

“Hm… g-guess I’m back to natural again.” Elesa chuckled as Skyla tried to take shelter under the canopy of [TOO HOT FOR DA].

“I told you blond and short was cuter.” Skyla teased, playfully pushing up on the now car axel-long appendage as it crackled with electrical energy. The tip grew a somewhat reddish color along with the shaft, looking a bit more inhuman as three dots appeared along the sides of the shaft. “Hah! No way, you got an Eelektross for a shlong now!”

“V-very… f-funny~” Elesa moaned. She was quickly reaching a colossal twenty feet tall with the walls starting to close in on her. Two black cables protruded from her headphone-ears and snaked over to her upper arms. A black strap formed around each bicep and attached itself to the cables, as if she was now some kind of cyborg beast. Her hands began to thicken and widen, digits inflating and growing long paw-like claws and become covered in thick yellow fur like an Electabuzz while her thickening forearms grew three black stripes on each, followed by a large white fan-like fin on each elbow.

“O-OK… th-this is getting dangerous! Wh-where are you Skyla?!” Due to her inflating tits – now each at least double the size of her head and turning a pale white color along with her face – she could no longer see her tiny human lover through them; since her awkward cramped position in the car had her on her back with her head against one wall and her legs against the other and bending up.

Said legs were now thick with muscle. What she could see was that they were covered in thin yellow fur like a horse, or maybe more specifically a Zebstrika, as she could feel her feet beginning to shift. Toes molding together into one hoofed digit while her shins grew another joint.

“I’m over here!” Elesa looked over, seeing Skyla squirming under her right arm and making her way for the door “A little help please?”

“You got it!” shifting her thick furry index finger, she merely flicked the door off of the whole compartment, just in time for another spurt that made her hunch over into more of a fetal position. [TOO HOT FOR DA] wedged deep into the underboob of her huge tits. “Oh great… th-think I can survive a little drop?” as they talked, the Ferris wheel began to buckle under her weight. It was a good stroke of luck they were the only ones left in it.

“You might not have a choice, mind if I HALO jump out of here?” she said as she readies a Poké Ball.

“More like a… LAPP.”

“…a what?”

“Low-altitude pants-less Pokémoning!”

“Ack… oh for- you big goofy… whatever cool thing you are now!” giving a genuine fit of laughter, Skyle leaped out of the compartment, just as it began to grow dents and buckle from Elesa’s now thirty foot compacted body. She soon summoned her beloved Swanna, quickly mounting it and gliding her way safely to the ground, just in time for the Ferris wheel to break, the axel buckling and rolling the carts downward, just in time for a huge set of paws and hooves burst through it like a monster hatching from an egg.

Elesa was once again wrecked with pleasure as she stood up, arching her back and roaring as she was now free and free to grow even faster, already reaching sixty feet tall and showing no signs of stopping. On the base of her hooves, huge jagged lightning bolt-shaped tufts of black fur grew to further accentuate her form as she reached down to [TOO HOT FOR DA].

“Just… just need to… t-take care of this again!” she moaned, reaching past seventy feet while her other paw massaged her billowing titflesh, cooing at the sensation of fur on her sensitive white underbelly. At eighty, a long black cable-like tail began to snake out of the area above her firm huge ham-sized backside, ending in a huge yellow lightning bolt like a Raichu.

[TOO HOT FOR DA]. One of her well-muscled hooved legs stretched across the fairgrounds, grinding against the pavement as people ran in fear, soon evacuating the whole park at a safe distance well before the masturbating giant faun started her stationary growing rampage. Soon said feet began to slowly collide into nearby tents and booths, crushing them under her garage-sized hoof. All while her firm duplex-sized ass bumped up and down with her violent thrusting, causing mini quakes all around her as it too bumped into a few attractions.

“Mmmm! Grow for my gorgeous!” Meanwhile, Skyla was laying on the ground, directly out of harm between Elesa’s stretching legs and shadowed directly under [TOO HOT FOR DA]. Since he pants were still in the wreckage of the Ferris wheel cart, she had easy access to her [TOO HOT FOR DA].

“Y-yessss~! Almost there… AAaaruuugh~!!” as she came, her body surged to a colossal hundred feet tall while a beautiful ovular red jewel like an Ampharos grew on her forehead, revealed by a center part in her bowl-cut hair. [TOO HOT FOR DA].

“S-sorry! Hope that didn’t hit anything!” she blushed quite clearly with her pure white, nearly robotic-looking face. She could hear the sound of laughter down below.

“Oh my god! Hahahahaha! [TOO HOT FOR DA]! I’m glad that didn’t happen to me… kinda…” Skyla blushed as Elesa began to lean down, the motion causing her ass to ram right into the Ferris wheel and topple the rest of it over.

“Oh crap, what am I going to do now?” Elesa frowned “I feel amazing, but… you’re so small now. How are we going to- um… have a relationship, I mean.”

Skyla walked closer, putting a gloved hand on her titan lover’s huge pale cheek and giving the best titan-to-human kiss she could give.

“Well… I know one way… maybe you can use some kind of electric power to help out. But for now, let’s continue our date!”

“You can’t be serious! I trashed the carnival.” Elesa said apprehensively, not wanting to cause any more destruction.

“It’s OK, how about you pick me up… carry me between those power packs of yours and we go to a nearby route to watch the thunderstorm?” Skyla said with a little wink “I may be smaller… but just you wait, I already got a plan.”

“Well, if you insist.” Elesa delicately picked up the small girl and placed her right between her bosoms as the girl let out a comfortable sigh.

“So huuuge… I hope mine get way bigger though…” she whispered.

“Um… I heard that…” Elesa began to smile “and color me intrigued… and yellow.”

“Boo! Stop spoiling the mood. Now that you’re a giant Pokémon monster, you’re just too cocky!”

There was a long pause… before both girls burst into laughter, all the way to Route 16.
Poketitans Ch 11 - Elesa
Woo! Here's Chapter 11! I had to remove a few parts of shemale goodness, but you can view the incensored version on either The Process, Furaffinity or my blog I mention above in the story. Please follow the directions before asking me how to see it.
Misty Misty and Misty
Commission awesomely drawn by :iconn647:

A nice artsy giantess drawing of the three versions of Misty from the Pokemon video games, anime and manga. Gotta love that angle and scale!
Panty and Stocking Giantess Blowout
Commission awesomely drawn by :iconzahkey:

This is about all I can show here on DA, but check out my "Geno13" account on Furaffinity, Inkbunny or Weasyl or my "GenoGamma113" Tumblr account for the full thing.

After one sexy little mishap, Brief discovers that if an angel or demon partakes too much of his divine instrument, it causes some very big results :3 If you're wondering where Chunk and Fastener are... they're under each of Stocking's cheeks.
Ainsley as Cloud of Darkness
"You shall be consumed... "

Commission awesomely drawn by :iconmugenillustrations:

Part of his Final Fantasy discount commissions of my vampire OC Ainsley… cosplaying as Cloud of Darkness from Final Fantasy III

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