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Just a heads up, the next three chapters of the story won't be decided by a poll, I went ahead and left it up to some of my friends. So, the next three in order shall be: Electric, Flying, then Fire. Why not comment on what order I should do the rest? :p

The ones left to schedule are poison, ground, dark, steel, and fairy.


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Sexy Ainsley Read by Entropy-Zeta
Sexy Ainsley Read

(Commission awesomely drawn by :icondragonmanx:)

[I decided to update her design a bit... as well as a little surprise extra, if you visit my Furaffinity gallery. Also reposing my profile on her]

Species: Vampire 

Abilities: General vampire powers, such as animal/mist transformation, feeding on blood, hypnotism over the weak minded, etc. But also includes weakness to the sun, silver, holy items, garlic, or an obsessive compulsive need to count fallen seeds.

Special Power: Flesh Molding – able to alter her body into nearly any form, usually in the form of dark tentacles, bladed claw fingers, bat wings… or a certain other appendage she wasn’t born with. Also able to increase her size in general or individual parts. She can also alter the body of any other person, but only with willing consent.

Extra notes:

*Ever since she left her home, she speaks in a cockney accent as opposed to her old proper nobleman’s tongue.

*Prefers wearing men’s clothing out of sheer habit, but obviously needs to tailor them to her unique shape. Even her body language is more naturally crude and masculine in nature, such as sitting with a lean and spread legs… Though no amount of man-steps can keep her from swaying her ironically childbearing hips.

*Has no interest in men, not even as far as blood. She usually has a habit of trying to court any beautiful lady in sight with varying levels of success.

*Her old surname is unknown and forgotten. She took on the last name of one of her idols from her studies, Mary Read.

Once a normal human born to a power hungry English noble that wanted nothing more out of his offspring than a son to carry on his lineage. Ever since birth –and without a mother to object due to her death at childbirth- his father passed her off a boy; binding her chest, teaching her to speak act and even think like a proper gentleman to the point of making ‘him’ think he was a freak of nature with female anatomy. This all changed after his eighteenth birthday when after following the voices of a mysterious woman into the woods during a late night outing, he woke up the next day with deathly pale skin, elongated canines and a taste for blood… as well as her bindings becoming more and more impossible to use from her chest and hips continuously growing larger through the days. It was all she could do to hide her growing deformities from her father, let alone avoiding the burning sunlight.

This eventually led to an incident where a handmaiden had accidentally cut herself trying to serve dinner to her in bed, causing the newborn vampire to instead take her meal in the form of her maid’s blood, right when her father walked in brandishing a shotgun due to the screams. Years of repressed rage and resentment accompanied by her blood-drunk state caused her to lash out at her father, receiving a hole in her chest from his shots that were quickly healed by her vampiric powers by feasting on his own foul sour blood.

With a heavy unbeating heart, she was soon run out of her home and into the night by the rest of the estate and nearby town forming a traditional angry mob. She would later discover that the vampire that turned her took pity on her horrible life, wishing to liberate her the only way the passing vampire knew how to.

Now a couple of human ages later, she has established her own estate in Scotland where she takes in orphaned or abused girls from across the countryside. Turning some that wish to be daughters of the night, but mostly using her estate as a halfway home to wayward women… and sometimes boys and men that promise to behave, or just wish to be girls themselves.

Muscle Monster Mash by Entropy-Zeta
Muscle Monster Mash
Commission awesomely drawn by :icondepraveddefense:

Just a simple pic of Mila, Ainsley and Ruunoa showing off their power to grow muscles XD

Mila beefs up in size when angry or by shark-like instincts towards blood or seafood.
Ainsley - as seen in previous submissions - can shapeshift her vampiric body at will.
and Ruunoa can turn herself into a buff half-dragon with a huge amount of magic.
ORAS Orbs 1/2 by Entropy-Zeta
ORAS Orbs 1/2
Commission awesomely drawn by :icondepraveddefense:

Courtney, Zinnia and Shelly of the new pokemon games being possessed by the Red, Blue and Jade Orbs in the process of growing...
Just a heads up, the next three chapters of the story won't be decided by a poll, I went ahead and left it up to some of my friends. So, the next three in order shall be: Electric, Flying, then Fire. Why not comment on what order I should do the rest? :p

The ones left to schedule are poison, ground, dark, steel, and fairy.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

Chapter 10 – Phoebe the Spirit Titan

DISCLAIMER: THE FOLLOWING FANFICTION DEPICTS FICTIONAL CHARACTERS THAT EITHER HAVE NO OFFICIAL AGE AND/OR ARE DEPICTED IN A TIME PERIOD IN WHICH THEY ARE NOT UNDER THE AGE OF 18. The following story contains scenes of giantess growth, breast expansion, hourglass expansion, and phantom related tf. If this is not of your fancy, then please disregard this fanfiction. For the rest of you guys still around, enjoy the show!

Deep in Eterna Forest, there is a gloomy abandoned mansion known as the Old Chateau. Like Pokémon Tower and Mt. Pyre, it is considered the most haunted area in its region. Known to not only be the home of several human apparitions, but due to the high spiritual energy of the place, a hotspot for countless Ghost Pokémon from all over Sinnoh.

That day, a lightly dressed girl was walking the path to the haunted manor. Her tropical fashion attire showed a great deal of her beautiful olive skin, and two large flower accessories decorated her short black hair. Her bare feet stepped over the uneven ground under the trees that nearly blotted out the evening sun; only a faint few rays of golden light pierced the canopy.

“The perfect setting…” Phoebe whispered to herself excitedly as she neared the house. The two second floor windows that jutted out from the shackled roof seemed to glare at her like a pair of hollow eyes. The spiritual channeler only grinned ear to ear.

“This place is practically exploding with spiritual energy!” she giggled: when she opened the front doors, their loud creaking echoed through the entrance hall of the dilapidated mansion.

“Now then… who can I speak to…” she said as she made careful steps onto the cold tiled floor, just before the double doors she inched through slammed shut  “… Oh jeez. You guy sure seem to be in a bad mood. Come on now, I’m not here to bother you… well, much.” For someone who was now trapped in a haunted house with countless spirits, the young girl seemed pretty unfazed.

The truth of the matter was, Phoebe was not only one of the most skillful trainers in Hoenn, but also a gifted spirit medium able to communicate with not only Ghost Pokémon, but also the spirits of the departed. She would even take breaks at Mount Pyre to chat with her ghostly friends and invite them to hide in the shadows to watch her matches in the Pokémon League.

At that moment, she was looking for any unhappy haunts she could converse with. For the past few weeks, the paranormal activity all over Eterna Forest had spiked; ever since a strange series of sightings of several shooting stars around the world, numerous wild Ghost Pokémon had invaded the entire area. Soon enough, she would feel the unmistakable presence of a spirit lingering nearby. The room suddenly grew colder as she saw a candelabrum alight with eerie blue flames rising from a nearby table and drawing closer.

"There we go.” She smiled as she approached the floating candles and gave a friendly wave: as she focused her senses, a hazy apparition made out of white mist began to form. “Good evening. Please don’t be afraid, I’m here to help.”

She could swear she saw the form of that vaguely resembled a head nod in consent. “Hmmm…” a whispery voice echoed “Are you… the one…?”

“Um…’the one’? Are you expecting someone? Sorry, I'm having a bit of trouble conversating while I can't see your face.”

The mist began to solidify more, forming into the appearance of a woman about her age clad in a long purple dress with a cobweb design on her waist; her hair was a dark indigo color and flowed messily down to the small of her back while her skin bore a deathly pallor and her eyes looked oddly vacant and lifeless. Thought the ghost's most shocking feature of was her figure: shapely wide hips that surpassed her shoulders, coupled with immense head-sized bosom barely contained by her ragged robes, which framed her bulging pale cleavage. The spirit gave a crooked wry smile as she stared at Phoebe with that unsettling look of hers. “B… better…?”

“Uh… wow- I mean, yes, much better.” Phoebe couldn't help but stare at the ghost’s supernatural curves, but she quickly averted her gaze. But the ghost still noticed, and let out an echoing giggle.

“I’m glad if you like my new form. You definitely are the one, but…” The ghost suddenly reached out her pale hand with lilac nail polish and plunged her index finger right through Phoebe’s right breast until her hand came out of her back before pulling it out.

“Uwah! Hey, cut that out!” Phoebe flinched, her nipples going stiff from the feeling of that ghostly hand phasing through her.

The ghost merely giggled, hovering off the ground and slowly circling her. “I expected you to be… bigger…” she whispered “But you are the one… the one we were waiting for… Something is here… something for you… calling for yoooou~… I know it drew you here!”

“I… I suppose you’re right.” Indeed, Phoebe did have dreams of the Chateau for several nights on end. Something her Grandmother agreed was a premonition. Even the ghosts in Mount Pyre began to draw towards her more than usual, all urging her to come here of all places. “Heh, but you guys sure like to be cryptic about things… Playing games with the living like the afterlife is just one big party.” She chuckled, this was far from the first time dealing with mischevious spirits “Let me guess, you won’t tell me, but you want me to follow?”

The ghost gave a loud giggle in response, slipping away towards a nearby double door. Being solid, the candelabrum bumped into it and dropped on the floor as she phased through. Phoebe could not help but stare at the ghost's ample backside as it disappeared through the wood. It actually made her feel a bit jealous; she must had been a real looker when she was alive.

“Oh! Hey, Wait up!” Phoebe snapped out of her thoughts and chased her down the halls, thankful the flooring was made of tiles instead of aged wood. Soon, she found herself in a huge dining room, with a long ornate table and several paintings mounted on the walls.

“Heeheeheehee~” the ghost girl’s face popped in from above her field of vision, her body levitating upside down. She playfully poked Phoebe again in the nose with her cold finger… Then lowered her body more so her cold bosom squished right into the channeler’s face when she tried to move forward.

“Wh-whoa, hey now! You could suffocate somebody with those!” Phoebe giggled as she tried to push them away, her hands sinking deep into the squishy cold flesh to the point of her fingers disappearing before her hands slipped through. She could not help but blush at what she did.

“Now… we’re even…” the ghost giggled, flipping herself back right side up before lulling out her tongue and dragging it across Phoebe’s face; thankfully the apparition wasn’t a Ghost Pokémon, or her cheek would have gone numb a while. Though it still left an icky trail of ectoplasm on her face.

“Well aren’t you cheeky.” She pinched the ghost playfully on the cheek, before she noticed a few more spirits beginning to manifest around the room. “… Right. I thought there would be more of you guys around.”

The many spirits all gave a raspy “Welcome!” as they materialized, bowing to Phoebe in a neat row and displaying jiggling ghost bosoms held in by ragged maid outfits; like the first one, all women and all alluringly attractive, with bold hourglass figures.

“Uh, hello! I hope I’m not interrupting anything.” Phoebe greeted the other ghosts “I just came in to see why there’s so many of you in this old house and out in the forest lately.”

“We came from far and wide.” One maid ghost quipped caressing Phoebe’s shoulder.

“The stone called for us… and to wait for the one.” The purple-dressed ghost chuckled.

“What stone?” Not feeling any hostility from the seven or so spectral women – aside from a growing sense of body envy on her part – she sat down in one of the chairs at the table after one of the maids pulled it out for her. One of the girls grinned as she flew down the halls into the kitchen, returning with an old, battered cloche covering a silver plate. She placed it on the table in front of Phoebe and raised the lid, revealing a peculiar-looking lilac gemstone in the shape of a magatama, but where the hole would be was instead carved a grinning face, slanted eyes and a jagged grin like that of a jack-o-lantern.

“Oooh, nice little trinket. But what does it-… whoa…” Phoebe reached a hand out to touch it, only to stop as her sixth sense kicked in. The spiritual energy she sensed bleeding out of the Old Chateau and into the woods, leading her here like a paranormal trail of breadcrumbs was coming straight from this tiny stone. “This thing led you all here?”

“Indeed.” One ghost in a refined black suit caressed her shoulders in slow, purposeful strokes. “…Aside from me and a few other original residents. Ever since the Spirit Stone arrived… it began to… change us… and all spirits drawn here.” Upon closer inspection, the ghost’s ragged clothes were very ill-fitting, as if meant to be worn by a man.

“Oh… kay. That IS pretty strange. So this stone gave you all… er…” she held her hands out away from her modest bust and made a groping motion… only to have one of the maids phase through the table and bend over so Phoebe was groping her pale ass. “Ack! Yes! Those too! Geez, you guys…” her face going red as the other girls laughed in unison: the maid who pulled the prank flew into the air above her as the others drew closer. “S-so anyway… You said this thing called for me too?” She poked the little gem, flinching as it felt freezing cold to the touch, yet eerily soothing the second time she rubbed a finger along the face.

“Yesssss~” the violet haired ghost hovered around her head “Take the stone! It’s just for you, take its power for your own! The space llama commands it!”

"Llama?…" Phoebe blinked “Uhm… whatever you guys say.” I guess I can take it to Shauntal to study…” she picked it up, holding it in her hands as she stared into the eyes of the carved face, feeling herself unable to blink, unable to look away. “It sure is… pretty…” her eyes began to glaze over, swirling patterns forming in her eyes as her hands began to move on their own, holding the gem to her chest. “Sooo pretty~”

A purple aura began to emanate around her body as it began to grow cold, giving her the chills as she held the gem closer. All around her, the ghosts circled, cackling madly as her skin crawled, growing colder and yet, she felt aroused beyond belief. She didn’t know why, but as the aura grew stronger, the tingling only got worse. She stood up, stumbling out of her chair and trying to steady herself with one hand while the other struggled to hold her stone. That is, until she relaxed her hand and found the pulsating gem was stuck to her chest and slowly sank into her body, as if it were an intangible spirit.

The room around her began to spin wildly, and she could swear things around her were getting smaller; in reality, she was just getting bigger. Her height slowly climbing in pulsating spurts as one of the girls swooped in from behind to help her stand up, only to then reach from behind and rub her breasts.

“Auuuugh… gah… wh-what’s happening to me!?” she moaned, feeling her voice growing a tiny bit faint.

“We don’t know… but we love it~” the purple dressed ghost continued kneading her tingling breasts, feeling them swell in her grasp. Curiously unable to phase her hands through them like before, she just cupped them gently and felt the billowing flesh push against her pale palms. Her blue tube top began to overfill with mocha colored titflesh with her nipples bulging as two clear bumps in the straining fabric. They wasted no time passing a D-cup and showing more and more cleavage by the time the ghost released them from her grasp, only to circle around and draw her tongue across the angry bulging nubs. Bigger and bigger they bulged as she rose past seven feet tall. By now, they were the size of her head and spilling out flesh from above and below until finally the top snapped off, revealing two chubby, dark inverted nipples that the ghost girl quickly latched on with her tongue.

“Kyaaaah~ Oh… o-oh wow! I thought you couldn't actually interact with… hmmm!” she shuddered as the butler woman’s hands groped her ass beneath her sarong that only now reached to halway doen her shins, her swelling cheeks starting to peek out from the leg cut. Her floral pink panties underneath were really feeling the strain of her widening hips and ass.

“Give it time…” the butler ominously cooed as she traced her own tongue across one of Phoebe’s now ham-sized cheeks. Even the pink ankle bracelet that normally hung loosely from her foot was starting to grow tight once she passed ten feet tall, growing faster as the other girls joined in. Each girl taking their turn massaging, rubbing and licking the growing girl all over.

“Gaaah… ah… girls… stooop~” she tried to stifle a giggle as their hands and tongues tickled her, before two of them lifted her off the ground by her feet and licked the bridge of her bare feet, making the changing girl burst out in laughter. As she past fifteen feet or so, her body was paradoxically getting lighter and lighter as she got bigger and bigger. Her skin began to cover with odd blotches of purple all over where the girls had fondled her, as one of them untied and removed her by now useless sarong just in time for her panties to snap off. The blotches spread more and more until her skin was a solid purple.

When she reached twenty feet, the girls finally let her go, drawing away with adoring looks in their eyes. Phoebe thought she was going to fall straight onto the table, but to her surprise she stopped mere inches above the surface.

“Wh-what!?” Phoebe looked down, feeling like gravity no longer affected her, or her still-swelling massive beachballs of flesh. Sitting up in midair, she looked at her hands, feeling them tingle before her fingers inched longer, with her nails growing pointed and fusing into her fingers until her fingertips were just solid points. She felt her ears shifting, moving up and through her darkening, growing hair until they rested atop her head, covered in an ethereal dark purple fur that matched the color of her changing hair, which were growing down to the small of her back, waving in an unfelt breeze. Her feet also began to shift, her toes going numb as they fused together into a single point that curled upward slightly as if she was wearing shoes. The final touches to her legs came in the form of a puffy light-purple tufts of furs covering her ankles and half of her shins, like the cloud-like hair of a Drifblim.

“This is unreal! I’m floating like a… ghost.” She gasped incredulously, not only from this realization, but also the fact that the huge dining table was now shorter than she was tall, made evident as she floated down on her back and stretched out. “I’m getting huge!” Trying to set her feet on the ground, she found herself unable to stand up straight without bumping her head into the ceiling… or rather, passing her head right through it. A mischevious grin tugged at the corners of her mouth. “Oh this is gonna be cool~!!”

She giggled as the roof of her Gengar-eared head breached the second floor, followed by her now red piercing eyes, then the rest of head, followed by her shoulders and scaring the un-living daylights out of a Rotom that was hiding in a nearby TV. “Don’t mind me~ just getting the scenic view~” she giggled, soon able to reach her arms up to rest them on the second floor. She looked down, admiring her still growing bosom as it slowly pushed up out of the floor; she let her nipples solidify, knocking over a bed and night stand, making her shudder with pleasure. She watched in awe as her gigantic mounds surged past twice the size of her head, big enough to take up half the space in the room as her rump below was being played with by the other ghosts, and did its own impressive surging past the size of her head.

“Soooo big… like a pair of big bouncy Drifblims~!” she cooed with her ghostly echoing voice. She let her tits rest in the upper room like a bra as she squirmed from the ghosts below finding her special haunted cave, tracing their tiny tingling tongues across her plump purple folds until her “ectoplasm” began to trickle out. “Oooooh~ careful girls~ I might s-solidify my whole body if you make me b-breeeeak concentration~!”

Her little purple friend rose to the second floor pounced onto one of her breasts, hopping on it like it was a inflatable castle and sending surges of pleasure through her, titflesh rippling out in waves every time she landed. Phoebe traced a hand on her collarbone as this went on, feeling a row of three round red jewels like a Mismagius’ growing along it like a necklace. Further down, three yellow crescent-moon shaped marking appeared on her bosom at the top; two tiny ones on each tit curving downward and a third marking that curved upwards across both tits.

“Mmmmm~ here it comes~ the grand finale~!!” she wailed as she felt her growing surge go into overdrive. Her feet spread across the dining room until her brooding hips – each wider than her shoulders - passed into the ceiling. Meanwhile on her shoulders, two stones began to materialize, floating near them like a pair of shoulder pads, resembling two halves of a Spiritomb's Odd Keystone. The flowers in her hair still clung to her now billboard-sized face as it was nearing the next ceiling. Suddenly both flowers burst into hot pink flames that grew bigger and brighter, suspending near her head like a pair of hitodama; the flame's color reminded her of a Chandelure.

“Mmm… ah… yeah… break on throuuuuugh~!!” outside the Chateau, the ground began to shake as a violet aura seeped out of the house, tendrils stretching out from it and forming into four thin ethereal hands much like a Cofagrigus’. Following that, two gigantic tits phased out of the mansion’s front walls right where the menacing windows were, followed by a head and shoulders before Phoebe emerged from the roof, giggling and moaning as she lifted her legs up and rested her gigantic ass on the roof, making it creak for just a moment before she adjusted the weight of her titan body to nearly nothing. She positioned her legs along the roof with the point pressed against her hungry folds. She began to buck furiously, reaching her final height of a hundred feet tall just as her thighs clenched around the house, almost breaking it before they phased through the creaking wood; all while fondling her enormous tits with both hands. Her new ghostly limbs joined in, grabbing handfuls of billowing purple flesh that surged out over three times the size of her head in pulsating, billowing spurts; able to droop down to her hips if she was standing. Her shadowy new appendages went to work with two on each purple mountain of pudding-soft tit. Each hand pressing down on the yielding surface like a vice and rubbing up and down each boob like they were trying to squeeze two giant overstuffed pastry tubes, while her original hands tried desperately to reach over to her puffy erect nipples that began to breach the surface of her bulging areola; finding those nubs just out of reach, she reached out with two of her new ghostly aura-arms, stretching them out and working them like radio dials. Finally being pushed over the edge by her six arm and roof-grinding, she cried out with a ghastly orgasmic wail that sent Flying type Pokémon sleeping in the trees flying away in fright.

Finally coming down from her high, Phoebe let her legs pass through the building so she could stand up, watching her mountains of breast slap her waist a bit before perking up, as weightless as the rest of her. The bangs of her hair hung over her eyes as she panted, before her mouth contorted into a wide fanged grin. She stood up proudly, arching her back emphatically and jutting out her ghostly mountains even more while she rested an arm behind her back and the other on her sexy huge hips. She felt a tiny tingle coming from her butt as if a tiny tongue dragged itself across it. She mischievously sat down, smothering the courtyard with her titanic ass with each cheek twice the size of her head, wedging the perverted ghost girl between them.

“Eeeeheheheheee~ ghost butts are sooo sexy~!” the girl wailed in delight, allowing herself to stay pinned, thinking she would cross over into heaven just from this feeling.

“Well… these aren’t half bad either~” Phoebe cooed, making her four ghost hands heft up her giant tits as the butler girl appeared and rested atop her right nipple, along with the other ghost maids happily hovering around her titan form. “Mmm… the guys back in Hoenn are gonna be in for a scare when I get home~”
Poketitans Ch 10 - Phoebe…

:iconsolidsnakeplz: Kept you waiting, huh?

I am so sorry for the delay, but I had some dips in motivation and general laziness over the past several months, but I finally say down and started working on this again.

Next chapter: Electric

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