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Well, since the last one went over so well, here's the next one. I might make this into a regular way of choosing the titans, unless I have one I just want to do. As last time, Flying is excluded because that chapter HAS to come after Electric, because of what I have planned for both.

UPDATE: Actually, gonna close the poll now, because I'm having a good feeling about writing about the winner as of this morning... Ghost Titan!


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Amazonia Girls 2: Reversion Rocks by Entropy-Zeta
Amazonia Girls 2: Reversion Rocks
Commission awesomely drawn by :icondepraveddefense:

The sequel to the first Amazonia fic where the Mane Six of Equestria Girls accidentally unleash a rare giant amazon flower during a science presentation that lets out a huge cloud of pollen that begins to turn the girls into huge hulking muscled amazon woman. This is the story of what happens to the rest of the girls that evacuate the auditorium into the halls of the school:


My heart raced when the massive cloud of pink overtook the entire auditorium. I could feel the pollen of Twilight Sparkle’s botanical experiment wash over my body, feeling dizzy as my skin started to itch. The rest of the events were a bit of a blur, aside from me and my sister Luna quickly trying to order the students to evacuate the auditorium. I didn’t know at the time how dangerous the fumes were and what they would do, but I assumed it wasn’t entirely safe.

As I stumbled out of the doorway, the itching soon changed to a soothing tingle that washed over my body. By the time the rest of us were safe in the hallway, the sensations only grew more intense. My loins of all things began to grow warm while my nipples grew hard. Was I really becoming so aroused at a time like this? My body was getting warmer by the second… my head was spinning… a part of me just wanted to lay down and relieve myself there and now, but no! I had to get my students to safety… my students…

I looked back, judging by the expressions and perspiration of the group, many other girls were feeling the same way as me; curiously none of the male students seemed to be at all, just panicked and confused by the panting, squirming and moaning women around them.  I couldn’t see Twilight or her five assistants during the experiment. How could I be so careless? I had to hurry back to the auditorium to see if they were alright… At least that was my plan before my attention was brought to an intense aching pain in my feet.

Looking down, I gasped at both the feeling of immense pressure in my feet as they pushed against my shoes, as well as the fact that said shoes were already starting to split from my growing feet! My white alabaster skin began to change as well, blotches of what I thought to be bruises at first began appearing all over me, gradually changing my skin to a rich bronze color. All around me, I could feel my clothes constricting around my body. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling! It felt as though my body was being quickly pumped with liquid hot lead. A feeling of power coursing through my every vein as I could feel rough hard bulging sensations all over me.

I lifted my arm, clenching my hands as my nails grew long, pointed and sharp; I could really hurt somebody with these if I wasn’t careful. My normally somewhat scrawny feminine arms began to grow thicker, biceps and triceps on both began to bulge and swell to the point that the sleeves of my yellow jacket began to split. They felt… surprisingly nice, curling them upward gave me a surprisingly pleasant sensation of pleasure that made my already moist loins more so and watching my swelling biceps bulge even more from just from a mere flex was practically mesmerizing. Even the bulging of my wrist was enough to snap my bracelets. Even my shoulders were bulging with deltoids that grew round and broader.

I grit my teeth as more of my clothing began to shred away, knocking me out of my trance momentarily. My breasts began to tingle, my now dark brown nipples bulging to the size of thumbs as my already impressive bust began to billow outward, overflowing my bra’s cups and straining both my coat and undershirt. Accompanied by the force of my billowing pectorals, yellow buttons were soon sent flying from the force of my broadening chest, exposing my dark blue bra to the world from my undershirt violently ripping down the middle.

My legs began to thicken as well, packing on pound after pound of muscle in my thighs until my purple pants began to split furiously all the way down to my calves as even they were bulging furiously. My fly had even split open from my widening hips while my pants also split in back from massive tanning cheeks the size of couch cushions.

I was soon aware that not only was I growing more muscular, but also taller! If my shoes bursting from my much too big feet weren’t enough of a clue, my splitting shirt was rapidly rising upwards, exposing my now flat athletic tummy that was soon bulging with pumped up abdominal muscles. Curiously, I could also look down – barely able to past billowing tanned breasts growing almost as big as my head – to see an odd yellow sun shaped mark appearing on my tummy. Upon closer inspection – now that they were exposed by ripping through my sleeves – my biceps had a row of similar tattoos. Another curious sight was that of my normally fine combed hair. By now, it grew a few feet longer, as well as growing disheveled and messy. Even my toenails had changed, growing the same pointed sharp nails while an inspection with my tongue confirmed that my teeth were growing rapidly sharper with my canines in particular growing into long fangs.

My thighs quaked as I couldn’t help but rub them together from my achingly growing arousal, I blushed furiously as I could feel my underwear wedging between my swelling ass cheeks and my bulging womanhood. I could also feel another tickling sensation as my usually shaved pubic hair began to grow, starting out as just a tiny patch of blue, green and pink, it soon spread across my crotch, over my aching folds and even creeping up the waistline of my straining panties. Equally as embarrassing, I could feel a familiar tickling sensation under my arms until I soon had a wild thick bush of hair under each armpit. I should have been disgusted but… the more time went on, the more I began to feel a sense of… pride? Like the body hair was just a sign of the primal power my body now possessed.

In my amazed stupor, I failed to realize what was going on with the rest of the growing, bulging… billowing… sexy amazon girls around me. Amazons… yes, that was what we were becoming! Even now, each and every woman in our well-muscled group was visibly taller than the men around us, let alone the green lockers around us. Each girl still sweaty and littered with rags of their attire while they assessed their changing bulks.

Vinyl Scratch, our school’s star DJ for many events found herself clutching her head, struggling to remove her headphones that were gripping her too-large head like a small vice, nearly breaking before she plucked them off with her claw-like hands. Her own white skin was also being overtaken by her new Amazonian tan. I could see azure musical note tattoos appearing on her body as her now exposed tummy bulged into a swelling sixpack. Her loud skirt and arm sleeves began splitting apart from her bulk while her signature sunglasses dropped off her ears and rested on the bridge off her nose like a pair of gaudy reading glasses. I thought I told her a million times not to wear those headphones at school? Let alone during an assembly, I could hear that high bass modern music even faintly all the way from the doorway she was now surpassing in height… I’ll just have to punish her later… see how she likes a nice muscled spank across those bulging cheeks of hers…Watching her firm but soft glutes quake from my mighty swat…. Wait what?

Maud Pie, she was a transfer student from the rock farm county a few miles away… now she looked as though she had been lifting boulders all her life. Sitting on the ground with enough force to make the floor crack under her mighty glutes, she had her legs spread, exposing her incredibly simple-patterned panties and a violet bush creeping over it… it looked so lickable, so did those gorgeous mountain ridge of abs. I-I mean, um… anyway… she seemed to be inspecting her biceps, flexing them and watching them bulge to the size of her fists as she lovingly caressed them. Though her expression was bizarrely neutral, an aroused blush still crept across her cheeks while I heard her mutter something.

“…hard… like rock… yes… nice…” she… seemed to be pleased, from what little I could tell. Even the tattoos on her skin were plain simple gray circles.

My dear sister’s moans caught my attention. I turned my head just in time to catch the sight of a happy little sun resting on a pair of white panties… just before it was swallowed by a pair of tanned cheeks the size of pumpkins… so that’s where my spare underwear went, good thing I stole *hers* for tonight. The pollen was really starting to affect her, I could see a ring of beautiful blue crescent moons adorning her arms as she reached down and clutched her cheeks; poking her long sharp nails into her soft ass flesh. She always did have a lovely moon… mmm… after I’m done punishing that naughty DJ, I should give my dear huge planetoid sister a nice reassuring- oh dear! This pollen seems to be affecting me more and more. I’m so horny I almost hit on my own flesh and blood… our glorious, sweaty, steel hard flesh…

“MUAHAHAHAHA!! Great…. Great and Powerful Trixie! Now more great and POWERFUL!!”

My lustful haze was once again broken, this time from the sounds of maniacal laughing and the sounds of ripping buckling metal. Oh dear, it seems like the increase in strength was going to Mrs. Trixie’s head. She had effortlessly ripped a door right off of a nearby locker and was bending it like it was made of tinfoil above her head, making her sweat-glistening muscles bulge in her arms while exposing her light blue fuzz under them. I’ll just have to add her to the punishment list, tickle those hairs of hers until she’s laughing in tears, maybe use my tongue… show her who is really the greatest and most powerful in this school- Ugh, this is bad! Why is this happening to me!?

One of my newest students Sunset… mmm… naughty girl. She apparently was so nervous about her powerful glorious growth that she bumped right into the vending machine, shattering it with the light force of her hips. Damaging school property… mmm… both her and that haughty magician will have to give me a hundred laps for that. Mmm… no, I don’t mean running, I mean licks, across my glorious bodybuilder of a body, especially down there… or upon my chest. I love how she’s trying to hide herself, hide all those glorious curves and bulges, but she can’t hide forever. I can see her glorious abs adorned with red flame tattoos, also peeking out of the rips in her leather jacket. She looks so damn sexy hiding her flaming bush with what’s left of her skirt, I just want to snatch it from her and show her the glory of her body… mmm… we can do a lot more damage if we put our minds and bodies to it. She does owe me for that incident a few months ago.

I don’t know when it happened in all of my wild horny gazing, but I was soon aware the halls around us were a bit… darker. All round us, several vines began to creep up from the ceilings, walls and along the floor as well. Was this all because of that flower? Either way… hm… it didn’t look half bad, it almost feels… homey.

“Um… P-principal Celestia!” I could hear a boy’s voice as a tiny hand patted my huge hip… mmm… this little puny man barely came up to my glorious hips, I caught him caressing the sun tattoo on one before shaking his head and withdrawing his hand.

“Flash… Flash Sentry… you… you no grow too?” I grunted, it was getting hard to speak correctly.

“Uh, no, none of the guys are.” He blushed as he gestured over to Trixie and Sunset.

Crying out in sheer terror, the two delinquents Snips and Snails gazed up as the two girls near them towered over them.

“Mmm… what wrong, puny boy?” I heard Trixie coo as she leaned down, giving the skinnier Snails a good view of her now mocha-skinned breasts that ripped through her blue top completely while her purple skirt split apart. “Great Powerful Trixie too scary? Good! Cower before Great Powerful Trixie’s muscles!” Before he could reply, she had crushed her locker door she was toying with into a compressed ball of metal and grabbed the poor boy off the floor and into a deep sloppy kiss before shoving him right into tanned melons. “Yesss~ Mmm… you need to be less skinny, but you do as Trixie’s new toy!” he was only able to give a small whimpering muffled cry out before giving in.

“Aw man, what about me?” his stout friend Snips whined as his friend was enjoying his new amazon mistress. As if in response, Sunset’s arms gently wrapped around him from behind, resting her own sweaty and massive breasts atop his head.

“S… Sunset could use company.” Both of them were heavily blushing at the fact that she was finally topless and bottomless while doing so “Snips, give company, give… uhn… lots?”

He gave a stammering response, almost passing out as sunset drew him in closer.

“Can’t you do something?” I heard Flash try to get my attention again, I was rubbing my now exposed bush to all these happenings, making my pillar-like thighs quake. “I dropped my cell in the auditorium, maybe we should call the hospital or… I don’t know, the National Guard?”

“No!” I turned my attention back at him, my voice booming as I towered over him, gaining a few inches as the minutes passed. “We fine! Celestia feel great, feel sexy!” I began to rub and knead my huge exposed tits for emphasis, each glorious orb now about twice the size of my head and starting to leak a bit of milk. “You no order Celestia around, little man. Naughty!”

“W-wait wha-“ I lifted him up by his underarms like a small child.

“Naughty Flash! Celestia punish you first.” Without warning, I dropped to my knees and dropped hum right under my huge hulking form before grabbing at his crotch and ripping away the crotch area of his levis away like tissue paper.

“Gah! P-principal Celestia! Snap out of it!” he moaned as his member stood painfully erect… oooh… I can see it now. The boys really were affected, just not like us… only one part of them is growing. I soon began to rub that growing part, letting it slid between my fingers with surprising length and thickness. Ripping away the rest of his clothes revealed his own muscles got a little boost, not as much as us, but still a delightful change. Quickly looking around, I could see Snips and Snails were similarly changing. Excess fat and scrawny frames melting into perfect hunky specimens the two naughty girls soon took full advantage of. This was heaven.

“Mmm… Celestia no snap.” I cooed, running my tongue across Flash’s huge member “Celestia know you Twilight’s mate. But she probably having snu snu with sisters in stage-ey room.” I was dripping in anticipation as I began slowly lowering myself over his cock.

“Sn-snoo-what- Auuugh~!” his member was soon engulfed by my hairy love cave, swallowing it whole even as it grew past a foot long.

“Yesss! Snu snu! Snu snu goooood!” I began squatting up and down, moaning with delight as I gritted my razor sharp teeth.

“Greedy sister~” I heard Luna coo… before Flash let out a muffled cry while she sat atop his face, letting her own puffy aching folds press into his lips with her back turned to me. I only hoped his mutating body could take both of us. “Luna require snu snu too! No hog hunky stallion!” she moaned.

I swatted my sister’s massive cheeks with one hand, letting her cry out in pleasure with her back turned to me. “Enough man meat to go around. Enough girl meat too.” I cooed, noticing a pink and blue haired amazon with candy tattoos absolutely ravaging another teal and white haired harp-tattooed amazon while a boy in a wool cap was snatched up by another girl. “Mmmm… Celestia… think she gonna like new school… Mmm… Twilight definitely get passing grade. You agree, Flash?”

 The crushed but seemingly alright student gave a weak thumbs up before giving in and reaching up to grope my sister’s glorious moons.
Eonamon by Entropy-Zeta
Commission awesomely drawn by :iconoxdarock: concept based on a commissioned two part story by :iconpanahinuva: The Darkness in the Kindest Heart-A Digigirl story and The Fall of the Demon Court-A Digigirl Story

Level: Mega
Attribute: Virus
Family: Nightmare Soldiers

Once a mere human, Ken Ichijouji corrupted by a Dark Spore created from Millenniummon's data. She was created from the influences of the Dark Ocean that caused the dormant spore to reactivate and mutate, corrupting Ken's data until he reformed into a human-digimon monstrosity vaguely resembling the spore's original form. Once again having a mind tainted by darkness, the chimera digimon now seeks dominion over the entire Digital World after enslaving and corrupting the Seven Great Demon Lords.

Dark Forge: Can produce dark matter from her body that can be formed into Dark Rings, Towers, or any other solid objects. When worn by another living creature, the effects of rings cause the victim's eyes to glow red while their inhibitions are suppressed and their bodies and minds fall under Eonamon's control.
Dark Recall: Able to recall and perform any attack of her prior forms; either from any form of Millenniummon or any Digimon it consisted of.
Giga Tool: The four apparatuses around her waist can change shape into nearly any shape of tool or weapon from a whip, to a sword to even literal tools.
Vigorshock - Return to Sender by Entropy-Zeta
Vigorshock - Return to Sender
Comission awesomely drawn by :iconshiftymcgearjam:

Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite tried out the many Vigors from Columbia and has some strange effects on her reality warping body.

Return to Sender causes her to become a lustful android centurion with massive breasts, and a cybernetic shield and sword... and constantly lactating banana milk.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Chapter 5 – Candice the Frost Titan

DISCLAIMER:[Sorry, parts of this fic were considered too hot for Deviantart, to view the full dot, please visit either “Geno13”’s userpage on Furaffinity or my blog at entropyart(dot)blogspot(dot)com; for reasons of not wanting to violate another rule of this site, I can’t publically give a link to either and must remind you that you must be over the age of 18 to post either. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I really really hope you guys like what I was able to post. at least.]

THE FOLLOWING FANFICTION DEPICTS FICTIONAL CHARACTERS THAT EITHER HAVE NO OFFICIAL AGE AND/OR ARE DEPICTED IN A TIME PERIOD IN WHICH THEY ARE NOT UNDER THE AGE OF 18. The following story contains scenes of giantess growth, breast expansion, hourglass expansion, clothes transformation and yuki-onna related tf. If this is not of your fancy, then please disregard this fanfiction. For the rest of you guys still around, enjoy the show!

Snowpoint City, a winter wonderland of a city where stout trees and buildings are blanketed in thick snow, located in the far north of the far north region of Sinnoh. The Gym at the heart of the city is home to yet another youthful lass of a gym leader: A spry and self-proclaimed fashionista known as Candice.

The girl in question was busy at home, rummaging through her closet for the warmest and best looking jacket to wear. Outside the city, a strong snowstorm was starting to pick up and she needed to keep herself from getting frostbite on her journey.

It had been only a day since her very close friend and fellow gym leader had not arrived in Snowpoint, despite everyone she called in Veilstone claiming she left shortly after some silly egg-eating contest, or something like that. The worried black haired girl soon bolted from her room and out her front door; her final choice of outfit was a thick, fluffy, azure, hooded coat over her usual school uniform, a buttoned white shirt with an azure bow on her chest, tan colored skirt, azure and white striped socks and matching tan shoes.

“Don’t worry Maylene, Candice will rescue you!” she said in her usual manner of referring to herself in the third person as she took out a poke ball. “Come on Mamoswine!” in a flash of white light, a massive eight foot tall Pokémon in the form of a brown furred elephant with a stubby hog’s snout appeared and let out a mighty, rumbling elephantine trumpet. Using her long fluffy hair to climb onto her back, Candice soon set off on her warm bulky mount.

Hours later, she and her mammoth companion would find themselves directly in the middle of a brewing snowstorm ravaging the woods of the normally peaceful route. The icy wind stung her face as she attempted to shield herself, only for her to soon let out a frustrated groan.

“We can’t go anywhere until this dies down. Let’s hurry and find some place to wait it out… hopefully she isn’t out there in this weather.” Candice added with a worried tone.

They soon found shelter in the form of a nice dry mountainside cave, where she and a few more of her released Pokémon set up a bonfire and a small campsite. She would soon fall fast asleep, cradling herself against the fluffy white body of her Abomasnow.

“So warm…” she cooed before drifting off to dreamland “Candice wishes she could be this comfy in this kinda weather…”

Many hours later, she woke up to a startling sound: just outside the cave a large booming noise resonated, followed by another and another… sounding almost like huge footsteps or something from a heavy Pokémon. For some reason, this commotion barely seemed to bother any of the Ice Gym Leader’s other icy companions; their only concern seemed to be how startled their trainer was.

Before she could entertain the ominous thought of a giant monster outside the cave ready to devour her any further though, a faint glimmer in the upper walls of her cave caught her eye. The approaching sound soon sent tremors throughout the walls, making the glimmering object fall to the floor, right at the girl’s feet. It was a very pretty gem, shaped like a six pronged snowflake in an overall hexagon shape.

“Oooh, hey! Get a load of this!” Candice cooed in delight as she picked up the large crystal snowflake. It felt unbelievably cold in her grasp, like clutching a solid ice sculpture, causing her to instinctively drop it as the cold bit her fingers. The moment it hit the ground the strange gem shattered at her feet, releasing a chilly, numbing cloud of bright blue powder snow, shimmering like tiny diamonds as it spiraled all around her.

Candice let out a shriek as the freezing gust stung her skin, sending shivers down her body. The raging blizzard outsize seemed to be making its way into the once safe cave in the form of tendrils of snowy wind, latching onto the swirling cloud and beckoning her to step outside.

“N-no… I-I… c-can’t…!” she cried as she felt her stiff legs moving on their own, dragging her out of the cave “I’ll freeze! It’s so cold, so… so… huh…!?” Candice opened her eyes, examining her body as her skin began to lose its color. ”I’m… fine…?” indeed, the once blistering deadly wind around her had suddenly began to stop burning her flesh. At this point, she thought she was starting to develop hypothermia, but now… she felt perfect fine, as if she was taking a stroll on a midsummer night; it was as if her body temperature or perhaps her entire body was adjusting.

She continued to examine herself, noting that her coat was now tied around her waist, leaving only her uniform to shield her against the wind. She gasped as her now pale white skin took on a faint shade of blue, staring as her hand and how her nails began to grow right in front of her eyes; stretching out into pointed one inch claws.

Surprisingly considered her current location, her body would soon begin to heat up, sweat starting to form at her brow as the miniature blizzard around her raged onwards. She could swear that her shirt was starting to feel tighter and tighter with every breath; like it swelled up bigger with every inhale and never shrunk down with the proceeding exhale. Her nipples soon growing erect in a matter of seconds as they brushed up against her bra, the bow on her top began to make a little groan of protest as bigger and bigger gaps were appearing between each button of her shirt.

“Wh-what!? N-no way… they can’t be-“ she flinched a bit as something shot out from her chest and hit a nearby rock with a light sound. One by one, her buttons were flying off of her now head-sized melons as they kept on swelling; nipples starting to twitch and swell against the confines of her lacey cups that were being filled like pear colored cauldrons filling with blueberry cream pudding. With shivering hands, she attempted to release her bra by tucking her long-nailed fingers under her skintight shirt, only for it to finally snap and fall to the snow; no longer digging painfully into her pale blue flesh of her mighty bulging bosoms. All her buttons were soon sent flying into the white abyss of the blizzard as her titanic avalanche of titflesh finally pushed through, already passing the size of her head and their soft wobbling cusps descending more and more down her stomach.

She let out a gasp of lustful delight as her hands shot up to them, cradling their pillow-like mass and letting them overflow her fingers and her perky puffy dark blue nipples standing at attention like tiny icicles atop igloo-like areola.

The feeling of her pointed sharp nails teasing her nubs would distract the changing ice expert from the fact that her stockings were starting to split with a loud steady ripping sound from her growing calves while her panties had developed into more of a thong by this point, the front [TOO HOT FOR DA]. Her already tiny skirt covering less and less from her slender legs growing longer and shapelier; thighs thickening and her waist thinning to accent her somewhat widened hips that would soon tear the rim of her skirt, sending it to join her bra in the snow at her feet.

“Ouuuugh~!” Candice howled in delight “C-can… Candice… growing up… wait… oh my!” looking over at a nearby pine tree blanketed in diamond dust would prove her suspicions right by the sight of it becoming more even in height with her. At first, she assumed that with her blue skin and unnaturally bloating boobs that she was just aging into some kind of snow-bimbo, but now… now it was clear that she was over ten feet tall and steadily climbing higher! Her shoes and socks had already split and burst into rags, joining the rest of her destroyed wardrobe at her feet. This thought only saddened her more as she soon felt her coat untying the knot in its sleeves and her shoulders tearing apart the rest of her shirt. “A-At least… at least the coat survived.” She moaned as she tried to get her mind back to the amazing pleasure of her still swelling breasts; now at least double the size of her head each and nearing her belly button.

Her pleasure only began to rise as she became even with and surpassed the height of the nearby twenty-five foot tree. As she stuck out her hand with a flat palm to compare the tip of it to the tip of her head, she now noticed that her nails had started to grow again, taking on a thicker translucent form as they grew as long as her hands and kept going. One of them crept down to her awaiting bare snatch as a few drops of her icy feminine honey dribbled past her statuesque thighs, freezing before it could reach the ground and turning into frost on contact with her upper thighs cool blue skin.

“In… credible… Candice feels… alive!!” she boomed as she was nearing thirty feet. Her hairpins on each temple quickly snapped off in protest to her growing hair along with the rubber bands tying her black hair into braids. Liberated from their restraints, the flowing cape of raven black descended down her back and all the way to the small of it, just above the slight shelf of her shapely rear. Her normally tied back side bangs stretched down to just above her collar bone. The tips of her hair froze over into icy blue highlights and curled inward, enticing a little giggle from her as it brushed up against her spine.

“Hee hee… mmm, Candice has haircicles now, how delightf-uuuul~!!” her knees began to buckle[TOO HOT FOR DA]: A small white nub growing just above her perky ass cheeks, then quickly sprouting into a smooth white fleshy tail that grew and thickened until it swished the snow of the ground fifty feet below her; its tip soon spreading into a wide fan of skin like that of a mighty Dewgong.

Her shoulder blades began to ache as her pleasure reached its peak; four hard ivory-like spines began to grow out of her back, followed by a half-dome-shaped shell underneath each pair, like a pair of wings, she now possessed a sleeker version of a set of Cloyster valves. Her passion for fashion seemed to begin manifesting into an odd combination of cloth and natural fur that began to envelop her arms, starting just below her undefined deltoids and growing longer and thicker until they completely shrouded her hands, like the sleeves of a beautiful kimono; even gaining a pattern at the cuffs, like a series of jutting icicles against the snowy white fabric. Soon, more of the fabric-fur  began to cover her toes followed by her feet, and all the way up past her calves, stopping at her knees and ending in ruffled jutting frills, now the same brown color as her old skirt and shoes, kind of like a Snover's lower half; even her stance permanently changed to walking perfectly on the balls of her feet, as if supported by invisible stiletto heels, making her legs and backside jut out more and her hips sway with every step. Finally, a silky strip of light blue like Articuno's feathers hugged her lovely hips, now in equal width to her shoulders. A lacey blue strap hugged each inner thigh as well as meeting in the back and becoming a natural thong that wedged comfortably between her plush firm cheeks. In the front, the strips seemed to meet just under her lovely venus mound, keeping her womanhood on full display as a row of soft blue feathers grew underneath the straps into a scantily mesh of a thong and skirt that only accented her most private areas instead of covering them. Last and certainly not least, as her mighty gigantic snowy hills of mammary ceased their growing at a massive triple her head’s size each and their cusps just passing her navel, her natural kimono just *barely* slid up it to cover each nipple to the areola, leaving a massive bounty of exposed blue titflesh on display.

With the the last of her changes settling in, the icy titan has finally reached a shrieking climax, at her final height of a glorious one hundred feet. From head to toe (closer to one hundred and three, considering her stance). By now, her long spindly nails were five massive blade of white ice with her original fingers seemingly harmlessly encased at the base beneath her kimono sleeves. Each about the size and shape of a short sword, she could only insert them in her pleasure passage one at a time. She brought it up to her face and past her now fuller lips to give it a lick, giving a coy chuckle as she felt the juices turn into brine in her mouth.

Unfortunately, her exploration of her new body was interrupted by the return of the shaking ground. Standing before her, shrouded by the snowstorm except for its glowing yellow eyes was a massive beast, equally as huge as her statuesque, yet sleek form. She let out an inhuman hiss as it began to draw close, instinctively raising one of her clawed hands and rushing forward, just as the unknown opponent charged in, spreading out four appendages… or were they five?

She suddenly stopped in her tracks right as her index icicle touched the neck of… some kind of wild pink haired… four armed… and massively endowed Pokémon that had its own upper right fist frozen mere inches away from her jaw.

“It… it isn’t possible… May…lene…?” the newly grown Ice Titan said in a soft, mature voice.

“Can… dice…?” the beast replied, with an equally mature, but more husky tone.

“Oh… oh my Arceus! It is you! Candice was so worried about you, darling!” The gym leader said with delight, not even realizing the two of them weren’t even speaking English anymore, but instead their own unique Poké-speak.

“Candy~!” the chilly titan soon found herself bear-hugged by the girl’s powerful train-sized arms; Candice’s much more immense bounty of tit mashing into her still impressive rack erected above slab-like pecs. The feeling of warmth would have made her feel a lot less uncomfortable… but that thought was distracted by a certain ‘fifth arm’ resting between her inner thighs.

Candice like out a yelp as she leaped backwards a bit, recollecting herself as her eyes travelled down to [TOO HOT FOR DA]. “What… what is… what is that thing doing there!?” she pointed with one of her claws, an utterly enthralled look on her face.

“Huh… Oh! Ohhhh!” the burly titan gave a coy fanged [TOO HOT FOR DA] “I grew it, what else? It sprouted along with the rest of this!” she flexed her upper arms, showing her already massive biceps and triceps swelling and quivering.

Candice was absolutely entranced, her mouth gaped open and her eyes practically sparkling as she clasped her claws together under her mountainous chest, like a schoolgirl eyeing a brand new dress. “It’s… glorious! You’re like a mountain of raw power and… and…” [TOO HOT FOR DA]

“M-maybe… yeah…” Maylene just stared as Candice began to pose seductively with her claws gently caressing her own massive bosom… and removing the restraint of her natural kimono, letting them flop out with a glorious bounce. “Can… can I… please… [TOO HOT FOR DA]?” her cheeks burning up in spite of the cold weather.

“Oh ho ho ho ho~!” the ice queen put a clawed hand to the side of her cheek [TOO HOT FOR DA]
Maylene snickered at the sight, covering her mouth with the nearest hand. “Sorry Candy, next time I’ll bring cones!” she burst out laughing, falling onto her back, right before her face was pelted by a snowball.

Candice was already scooping up more and expertly crafting them between her iced fingers in seconds. “Cone these.” She said playfully, pelting her with more.

Maylene herself soon found herself cracking up as she picked up her own arsenal in all four hands and began challenging her mate to the mother of all snowball fights. Candice’s team of Ice types watched from the cave as the snowstorm finally dissipated… embarrassed looks shared between them as they watched the two titans have their childlike winter merriment, like they were still normal-sized human children.
Poketitans Ch 5 - Candice
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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
DISCLAIMER: [Sorry, parts of this fic were considered too hot for Deviantart, to view the full document, please visit either “Geno13”’s userpage on Furaffinity or my blog at entropyart(dot)blogspot(dot)com; for reasons of not wanting to violate another rule of this site, I can’t publically give a link to either and must remind you that you must be over the age of 18 to post either. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I really really hope you guys like what I was able to post. at least.]

THE FOLLOWING FANFICTION DEPICTS FICTIONAL CHARACTERS THAT EITHER HAVE NO OFFICIAL AGE AND/OR ARE DEPICTED IN A TIME PERIOD IN WHICH THEY ARE NOT UNDER THE AGE OF 18. The following story contains scenes of giantess growth, breast expansion, hourglass expansion, muscle growth, extra arm growth, [TOO HOT FOR DA] and oni related tf. If this is not of your fancy, then please disregard this fanfiction. For the rest of you guys still around, enjoy the show!

“Mr. Monotoli is unable to continue, only two contestants left!” an announcer’s voice echoed from the Veilstone City Game Corner. A portly middle aged man fell from his chair and held up a tiny white flag crafted from a toothpick and a napkin. The slot machines normally laid around the center of the casino were set aside for several tables and chairs for today’s big event: Veilstone City’s Fifteenth Annual Oyakodon Eating Contest. Two competitors were left scarfing down piping hot bowls of steamed rice, battered chicken, sliced scallions and beaten eggs. One large hairy black haired mountain man had a moderate stack of empty bowls next to him, while beside him was a rather scrawny looking kid with short pink hair curled up on either side. She wore a blue and white gym attire with no shoes, and had a band-aid on the bridge of her nose and left arm. What was most surprising, the girl’s own pile of bowls was starting to take up the empty space on another contestant's table sitting opposite to her.

The gruff looking man just scowled down at the little ravenous tyke as he started to feel his stomach ache. He held out as long as possible, convinced that this girl had to be cheating in some way, but it was clear that he was quickly approaching his limit. Eventually the pain overcame him, causing him to pass out and fall backwards in his chair, his painfully stretched belly sticking out.

“Game Over! Contestant Zonge has fallen! The winner is… um… uh… Mrs. Maylene? Mrs. Maylene, the contest is over, you can… um… stop now.” the announcer stared awkwardly through his sunglasses as the girl kept on gorging herself on her current portion.

“Mmhh? Oh, sorryth… juth… lemme finishd.” The young gym leader said through a mouthful, cheeks packed with the contents of her rice bowl. A few seconds later, that too was slammed onto the nearest stack with a loud clang. “Yyyyyes! Seventy-five! A new town record!!”
However, that clumsy gesture shattered the bowls under it into large chunks, and sent the rest toppling to the floor behind her like a giant stack of dominoes. Her face turned an even pinker shade than her hair as a very bashful grin spread across her face. “Um… oops, my bad, j-just put it on the gym’s tab.”

Half an hour later, Maylene was still vividly blushing under her band-aid as she exited the Game Corner, looking at both the envelope of prize money and the bill for the destroyed bowls; there was still a huge net profit from both red and black amounts combined, but she still felt guilty that once again, she could not control her own strength.

Suddenly, she found her path heading out of town blocked by the same Ursaring-like man that had lost to her at what she liked to call “Eatathon Contests” ever since her trip to Johto.

“Now wait just a dang minute there, pipsqueak!” the caveman-looking gentleman slurred. “There’s no freaking way you coulda beatin the Great and Powerful Zonge! You musta cheated, I know ya did!”

“Excuse me?” she replied incredulously “No way! I’d never do that; I have a reputation to uphold. I had to splurge on my strict diet for this.”

“Bah! Enough of your lies, brat! I demand we settle this in a battle; one on one, winner takes all.” He snarled as he took a Pokéball out of his dirty fur vest.

“Oh, sure, if you really think you can take me on.” From the way this guy was acting, he seemed to have no idea that she was the local Gym Leader.

Two minutes later, Maylene called back her faithful Lucario while the hairy man bolted towards the nearest Pokémon Center with his unconscious Rattata, bawling the whole way. Half the money he had on him slipping out of his fur clothes.

“Finally” she sighed with exasperation “Now I can hit the road and burn off all these calories. I can’t wait to tell Candice about my new record.” She grinned, before taking off in a brisk jog towards Route 215. As per her usual training regimen, she would always venture across the long and treacherous northeastern section of Sinnoh, all the way to her best friend’s city up in the north. To her, it was the perfect workout to work off the loads of protein and carbs she gorged on in that contest. Sure, she could just fly there on a Pokémon, but that would defeat the purpose; nevermind the fact that none of her four Pokémon knew that particular move.

Already by the time she had made camp and rested for the night, she had made it all the way past Route 215 and pitched her tent at the base of the mountainous region in the middle of Route 210; right before Celestic Town.

The hike ahead the next morning would be rough, especially on account of the girl’s odd habit of refusing to wear any form of footwear. It made complete sense to her though, shoes and sandals were an unhealthy human crutch; if Pokémon could go without them, why can’t she? Sometimes she would even envision herself as a Pokémon, able to run as swiftly as the wind and move boulders with a single flex. It was a big reason of why she trained as hard as any of her Pokémon, as well as the reason she mimed their movements during battle. Sometimes when concentration would allow it, she would close her eyes during those moments and just be the Pokémon… launch that aura sphere, thrust that palm, execute that seismic toss and throw that- “OW!”

It turned out she had completely spaced out for quite some time. Somehow she had wandered off the path and gotten lost in the rocky woods before colliding face first into a gigantic boulder.

“Mmrrph! Dumb Rock!” in a fit of frustration, she struck the huge twenty foot boulder with her fist, actually leaving a few small cracks before she withdrew her hand, though mostly out of reflex than any actual pain. “Ow, darn it! Bad idea… wait a sec… that didn’t hurt?” Curiously, her hand felt fine, almost the same as if she had lightly jabbed a punching bag back home. Even more curiously though, was an odd bronze colored light that began to glimmer through the tiny cracks she made in the boulder’s surface.

“Whoa, what is that?” as she stared at the light, she failed to notice her body beginning to feel a little warmer and her tight black and blue leotard she wore under her white gym pants began feeling a bit snug around her shoulders. “Oh cool! This must be a challenge rock!” She said to herself. She heard rumors of a huge rock in a forest in Unova that trainers used to obtain Star Pieces by having fighting Pokémon strike it. “Hmm… I guess a human can do it after all… Oh well, free Star Piece!”

With that, she decided to strike the rock again with a swift kick, the darkened soles of her right foot impacting the cracked surface even further. As the cracks and the bronze light grew larger with the second hit, so would Maylene: she was quickly stunned by a sudden intense tingling and building heat in her loins. As if the floor below her was a forklift raising upwards, her height steadily began to rise. The hormones in her body were going berserk, as if Dialga itself was accelerating the clock forward, aging her body past a teenager and onward.

It started with her legs, normally as scrawny as the rest of her body; they began to stretch longer, gaining definition in the thighs unseen beneath her somewhat baggy gym pants. Slowly her ankles slipped out as her calf and thigh muscles bulged slightly until they fit snugly against her now undersized pants. The waistline started to dig into her skin from her widening hips while they cracked and expanded outward to match her shoulders in width.

The tingling in her loins only amplified when Maylene panicked and threw another punch at the rock, as if obeying some imparted instinct. Her chest began to thicken with muscle as well; her criminally flat abdomen bulged with smooth abdominals while her nipple began to swell from both pleasure and growth. Despite all contrary rules of nature, a definite pulse of pleasure began to make itself known on the fighter girl’s chest and buttocks above her thickening gluteal muscles. Budding domes of soft sensitive flesh soon formed, pushing both her now skintight top of her leotard and the back of her tight pants with steady force.

“Uuuugh… I… I’m… growing up?” she stared down at herself in amazement; even her fingerless gloves were starting to feel tighter. By the time she brought her hands up to cup her rapidly budding breasts, they had reached about a decent B-cup, capped with puffier mature nipples and areola that caused dents the size of pinkie tips to poke through the constricting fabric of her top. She began to hang her tongue out and pant loudly as her unsteady hands both traveled down her pants, past her waistline, down to her rapidly maturing pussy, already sporting a more pronounced set of outer lips that were leaving a growing dark gray spot on her pants.

[TOO HOT FOR DA] “Auuuugh… no... what the… what’s… happening~!?” she would soon get her answer as she arched her back and allowed her arms to fall back for support. She stared down in complete awe as  [TOO HOT FOR DA]


[TOO HOT FOR DA] “I wonder what would Candice say... hehehe.” Her [TOO HOT FOR DA]when visions of the icy schoolgirl unbuttoning her blouse crossed her mind.

Then Maylene had an idea as she got to her feet. “Hmm~ I bet whatever’s in that dumb rock could make her grow up just like me. That’s a meal I wouldn’t mind having...” With a predatory look in her eye, she faced the cracked glowing dent in the boulder and assumed a powerful stance. “You’re mine, rock!”

With blinding speed, she threw punch after lightning fast punch at the dent, breaking away the stone shell bit by bit, with more of the brilliant light shining through with each blow. At last, the stone surface crumbled away and the source of the glowing was finally revealed. Rolling out of a hole in the huge rock was a brilliant shining hunk of bronze in the form of a softball-sized, carved fist; it eerily resembled the old Pokémon League symbol for fighting types.

“Wow… this… this thing looks pretty cool.” she cheered, taking the stone in both hands and holding it against her bosom; noting all three objects were roughly the same mass, making her giggle. It only startled her further however, when the stone suddenly burst apart, spreading several bronze bits into the air around her. The pieces hovered in midair and began to glow with the same light that morphed her into an adult she-male. Then they began darting towards her without warning, hitting her all over her body before she could even react. At first it felt like being pelted with foam balls, before it turned into a soothing massage as the fragments phased right into her skin.

The bombardment caused her to let out a loud groan before she dropped down again on her slightly fuller bottom. The odd tingling massage from the shards spread to every single inch of her body, before suddenly turning into a rush of power flowing into her; like she was being filled with liquid lead. Soon her leotard felt like it was strangling her, holes ripping all over it like it was made of swiss cheese as her body began to grow once more, pumping with more and more mass like she was some kind of inflatable doll.

Her skin began to flush all over her body, darkening more and more as she grew several feet past the height of any normal human, taking on a smooth bronze-like complexion. Her legs, arms, abdomen and shoulders twitched and throbbed with almost as much pleasure as [TOO HOT FOR DA]. Her thighs began heaving with more and more girth that soon made them resemble tree trunks as thick or even thicker than her waist, yet still soft, firm and powerful, with indenting tone lines and thick muscles forming along with her bulging calves. Her bone-crunching legs would now rub together when she walked, and they also started to form odd round bumps over her kneecaps like a Medicham's. This change would also give her an extremely heightened sense of balance, no matter how much mass was accumulating in her now twenty foot tall body; she could effortlessly balance on a single toe if she tried.

With this new feeling of balance, she managed to get back up to her feet with an earthshaking leap; where she had just surpassed the huge boulder in height. She looked down at [TOO HOT FOR DA] with eyes starting to glaze over from the overwhelming pleasure and power building up within her. She gave a surprised gasp as she watched [TOO HOT FOR DA] and teeny bandages fell to the ground in scraps like falling leaves. Her [TOO HOT FOR DA] by the time she reached fifty feet. It was a massive beast of a sexual organ competing with her arms in girth and length with [TOO HOT FOR DA].

This almost distracted her from her breasts, which started from a tiny infantile chopping board with nipples, to a pair of decent softball meat buns, but were now exploding outward with growth like a pair of orb-shaped blimps that very quickly surpassed the size of her head each by about double, capped with dark brown steel hard nipples and areola as wide as her palms. Her ass cheeks also went to work swelling up, as if defying the amount of titanic bulk she was gaining, with supple soft jiggling flesh that would feel like two huge couch cushions if she sat down.

Next were her arms, both her forearms and biceps bulging with rock hard yet supple flesh, with her biceps in particular swelling much larger than her balled up fists even when not flexing. Her shoulders broadened outward and bulged hard as steel on either side of her head, but still enough to exude power and grace; though still nowhere near as wide as her hips. Even her already athletic flat abdomen began to bulge with six sweat-glistening mounds of raw abdominal muscles like a batch of fresh rising bread rolls.

It seemed her changes were far from over though, even at her seventy-five foot towering frame. Her hair finally began to grow longer, down her shoulders and a third down her back, taking on a wild and frizzled look like the mane of a Primeape. The base of her spine began to throb and bulge, forming into a long stubby tail with a curled tip like a Mankey, but with pink colored fur to match her hair. She moaned with an inhuman roar that shook the nearby trees as she began to flex her powerful python-sized arms, just in time for her shoulders to bulge even more, forming two huge lumps flaring out behind them. She could painlessly feel bone, muscle and tissue forming on the growing lumps, bulging with brand new biceps, elbows, forearms and finally hands and fingers. She now had an extra pair of huge powerful arms behind her original pair, just like a Machamp.

The final changes occurred once she finally reached a full one hundred feet tall. Her ears began to grow pointed before migrating to the top of her head in triangular wolf like ones, covered in a thin layer of black fur. Between her chiseled pectorals decorated with her heaving sacks of tit, a white cone shaped spike began to emerge, as well as one on each of her four wrists and accompanied by her nails and canines growing long and sharp as a Lucario’s. A round purple ovular lump began to bulge on her back along with four thick veins that emerged in a cross formation, like the back of a Conkeldurr, with at least one purple three-branched vein emerging on every bicep and thigh. Lastly, her bronzed and eternally-bare feet began to bulge out slightly, her toes seemingly merging with the rest of her feet into thick powerful appendages like that of a carnivorous dinosaur’s, only with enlarged malleoli and paw pads underneath, and five long white dagger like toenails like an even more menacing version of a Hitmonlee’s.

Maylene just couldn’t take it anymore, now that her transformation was complete. The colossal mountain of muscle and power merely let herself fall backwards onto the nearby mountain. Her titanic ass creating two fresh new craters and causing an earthquake that shook the nearby town for several minutes. [TOO HOT FOR DA]

“Uhhhhhhgh… so… awe… some…” she growled, [TOO HOT FOR DA]. “It’s a miracle… I… I’m fucking huge a-and I really am a Pokémon now!” she smiled to herself, still caressing and exploring her titanic curves with all four hands, [TOO HOT FOR DA]. “This is so amazing… but... Oh… what will Candice think of me now? Mmm… yeah.” Her voice quickly changed from worry to a lecherous coo “I totally gotta show her, I just hope she doesn’t try and catch me~!” and with that, the newly formed Titan of Strength set off, her massive weight causing huge clawed footprints in the earth and a deep tremor with every step she took towards the cold harsh northern region on Sinnoh.
Poketitans Ch 4 - Maylene
Sorry, parts of this fic were considered too hot for Deviantart, to view the full document, please visit either “Geno13”’s userpage on Furaffinity or my blog at entropyart(dot)blogspot(dot)com; for reasons of not wanting to violate another rule of this site, I can’t publically give a link to either and must remind you that you must be over the age of 18 to post either. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I really really hope you guys like what I was able to post. at least.

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