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Prologue – The Seventeen Stones

DISCLAIMER: The following chapter does NOT really contain any form of process, so I understand if some of you wanna skip this part to get to the juicy bits, but back story comes first, enjoy none the less.

To many humans and Pokémon across this vast continent of Sinnoh, I am known as Giratina; one of the mighty Origin Trio along side my two brothers born of our creator, master of the Distortion World that eternally parallels the world I now call my home. I now reside with a lone boy known as Lucas, a human who has done the impossible by besting me and many of my fellow brethren in battle and capturing us to fight by his side. Some may call my existence a sad one, that I am a prisoner of an inferior being, exploiting my power for his own ambitions… I use to think of such a fate as exactly that long ago, but as Arceus has wanted from the beginning, we Pokémon are born to coexist alongside humans in perfect harmony.

Under Lucas's care, I have gradually learned a humble sense of humility, no longer viewing myself so arrogantly and being as destructive as I was when I was first banished to the Distortion World. He treats me well, like a member of his own family, much like the rest of my fellow Pokémon colleges. With his guidance, I have claimed victory during many battles and have become more powerful than I ever thought possible confined to my mirror world prison.

Although my new existence is a happy one, I cannot help but worry for the future of my world. Through many tales and many sources gathered by my own trainer, I have learned that I am far from the first of the so called Legendary Pokémon to be captured by a worthy human. From the far off Kanto region to the mysterious Unova, many powerful beings such as me have been defeated in battle and now reside among Pokémon trainers. Many of these were once the guardians of nature, time, and the elements of this world, now they are retired to a life of companionship. But what is to become of the very things they were sworn to protect in their absence? This is why I must act quickly; I have a plan to restore balance to this world.

Only for a night, I must break the trust of my beloved trainer. Escaping the confines of my Ultra Pokéball was no simple task, temporarily taking on my Origin Forme made it possible to break its boundaries. I would return by morning, traveling any form of distance was no trivial task to a master of dimensions such as me. One mere dark portal later, I had arrived at my destination; Spear Pillar, the very location I was born from. So too will it soon be the birthplace of many new Pokémon tonight and the following days.

Many moons ago seventeen artifacts were sealed away into the distortion World before me, each one holding a shard of the great Arceus's power, not unlike the sacred Plates.  At the peak of the ruins, I produced another dark spiraling vortex from my maw, opening a gateway to my former home. From the other side, several small stones fell onto the ground of the temple, each one a different color and each one resembling an earthly mineral of this world.

Each one in a simple form that represented each elemental type of Pokémon in shape and color and all glowing with a slight aura of power; a subtle hint to the extraordinary power imbued into each. All seventeen stones slowly spiraled around me as I spoke in vision to my creator of my plan.

"My child... why have I found you outside of your trainer's care and releasing… those… from your realm?" The physical god spoke with an air of disappointment. "You know that the Titan Stones are meant to stay in the Distortion World, parallel to my Plates. Do you wish to spread even more chaos upon this world? Do you wish to return to your banishment?"

"Far from it... father." I meant no disrespect in my words; though my last statement may have come off as a bit sarcastic. "I may have a use for them… and for you, if I may. Please hear my plea, I only wish to restore balance to this world."

I feared the worst; needless to say, I had not spoken to Arceus in many years. I had no grounds to believe he was the same benevolent creator he once was. Thankfully, my anxiety was soon put to rest with a sigh of his voice. "Very well. Proceed."

"Well, Arceus, as you obviously know, many of your strongest creations have already been captured."

My creator gave a hollow nod "By worthy humans, might I add. They are all treated well. You should know, Dialga was captured not long before you by the one known as Lucas were as Palkia is with the girl known as Dawn."

"That is not my point. I know now that that is what you intended us to do, but surely you know of the damage this could potentially cause." I retorted, trying to sound as polite as possible; a task a little more difficult than it should have been. "What is to become of the seas of this planet, now that Lugia and Kyogre are off battling and happily feasting on pet treats? What of the volcanoes or the winds, or the forests; or even the winds, thunder and earth? All may very well be in danger of falling into discord now that they have nothing to govern and maintain them."

Arceus just fell silent, hanging his head as he listened to my harsh words. "Perhaps… perhaps you are right. Aside from the order that must be kept in this world." He smiled… as much as a creature like him could. "This world is running short of mystery and wonder without all of you, roaming about and inspiring the dreams of humans everywhere to discover and befriend, like your brothers before you."

My normally grim face began to beam with this news, though I was slightly annoyed by the naivety of his words. "So you can do it? You will create more Legendary Pokémon for this world!?"

"I shall." he replied with a sage nod "My only problem is how; I do not possess the energy I once had to create you three. But I suppose you thought ahead, seeing your intention to use power of the Stones… therefore, this is my idea: If I can't make Pokémon from thin air, I'll make them from a certain sentient source."

I tilted my head slightly "You don't mean-"

"Beastly elements of fur, flames, water, thunder, flora, blizzard, combat, poison, earth, air, mind, insect, stone, spirit, scale, darkness and steel; go fourth!" All at once, the mystical Titan Stones elevated to the heavens as the divine creator Pokémon himself appeared inside the ring that they formed in midair. With a flash, each gemstone was sent flying into the starry sky, over the great mountain of Coronet in weaving streams of light. Some chose to land in Sinnoh while most others traveled across the sea and over mountains with blinding speed like that of a comet.

"So it is done." The white and gold Pokémon spoke to me as he descended "Maidens across this world, skilled and knowledgeable of the seventeen elements of Pokémon the world over shall be bestowed one of these Titan Stones. Each one shall be reborn as a perfect being of human and Pokémon; sharing the power and traits of their companions as they become all-powerful Titans to govern the elements as they please."

I stared intently as Arceus presented me with another vision, one of seventeen humans. It was difficult to tell who exactly they were – not that I would probably even know -- but I could at least tell that each of them were female of different ages, shapes and size and each holding a stone. With what I thought to be pain at first… but soon turning into another more pleasant looking emotion altogether, the maidens writhed as their silhouetted forms began to increase in size, even surpassing my height until the vague image of several imposing looking figures towered over me… Almost all had pairs of very large round things close to the heads of their bodies. This feature perplexed me greatly.

"Well then…" Arceus commented as the vision faded. The normally calm and collected Pokémon's eyes closed slightly as his face sported what I confusingly interpreted as a smile. "Let us just see if those silly humans can catch them all now." If I had hands, I would be placing one's palm roughly upon my face.
The prologue to my new project, a series of seventeen short stories about female characters from the Pokemon games becoming giant Pokemon girls. Inspired by my new awesome friend from The Process.

Needless to say, this part has barely any process action, but I felt like setting up some backstory first before they get to the good stuff.
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Larkspurdiblock Featured By Owner May 9, 2015
Huh. I rather like this trollish Arceus!
theguywithtacos Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013
cant wait to see dragon! is it going to be Isris?
SpaceMedafighterX Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013
Now that there's a Fairy type, are you going to rename the prologue to The Eighteen Stones?
Entropy-Zeta Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Eventually, but I want to wait until X and Y comes out... or just have Arceus just go "Oops, forgot this one" during the fairy chapter... really hoping there is a female fairy trainer XD.
SpaceMedafighterX Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013
Personally, I can't wait to see what you do for Dragon and Steel.

Oh, by the way, if it's alright with you, I know someone you might want to consider for future commissions; I would just state it in this post, but I feel like doing such without asking you first would be spamming.
Entropy-Zeta Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hm... go ahead and send it as a note.
SinzutheGreat Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013
I facepalmed at the end.
bteg Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
you said wind twice
hevex Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2011
Very well written. I definitely sympathize with Giratina at the end :)
babermirza Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2011
Rabukurafuto Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2011   Writer
I really like the prologue. It is very well-written, and you even write "Pokémon" with the acute-accent E.

I am not that interested in giant girls, but this was so well-done I might see what happens anyway.
Entropy-Zeta Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks a bunch ^^ too bad it won't let me put the é in the title ^^;
Rabukurafuto Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2011   Writer
DeviantART is prejudiced against Europeans or something. It annoys me :)

You're welcome :)
Chwen-Hoou Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2011
Great job on this prologue.
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